Welcome to the Cosby Choral Department Website!

A Note from Mrs. Andre and Mrs. Ripley
Congratulations on joining the Cosby High School Choral Department! By joining a chorus class, you will now have the opportunity to learn and experience the excitement of singing in a choral setting. As a student, you are an incredibly valuable member of the department. Everyone has the opportunity to make an impact on not only the sound, but also the success of each choir.

To be in a choir is to join a team of people using their natural talents to reach a goal of expressing and performing music. In order to have a successful team, each member must put forth equal effort to reach the goals of the group.Therefore, each student is expected to be active, intelligent, and to contribute in class.

This year, we will continue to create the foundation for a long-standing tradition of excellence in the Cosby Choral Department. We must all work together to establish a high standard of musicianship, academic and choral excellence.We look forward to working with you and sharing the pleasure and fulfillment of creating and performing music together.